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Please read this Terms of Service Policy (“Policy”) carefully.  Your (you, Client(s), Customer(s), Participant) payment(s) for Blessed 2 Be Home’s (“we,” “us,” or “Company”) services (“Services”) and/or our products (“Products”) is a declaration that you accept and will abide by this agreement.

We may modify this Policy as well as modify our Services.  Your continued use of the Services after we post the modified Policy indicates your acceptance of the modified Policy.  Therefore, you are encouraged to review this Policy on a regular basis, which is located at: www.blessed2behome.org/terms-of-service



COMPANY- refers to Blessed 2 Be Home (B2BH), its owner/agents, and information providers.

SERVICE(S)- refers to Job Locating, Staffing and all other Office Administrative services provided.  This also includes any other service related to employment, human resources, and other alike.

LISTINGS- refers to the job listings found for the Job Locating Services, in the database, advertised on our website, free listings posted, and any other information provided.

SOFTWARE- refers to the work at home software and any other software provided

DATA- refers to all information provided such as and not limited to job descriptions, free/paid work from home information, tips, Jobseeker Enrollment Guide, and all office administrative services and ebooks or courses.

PRODUCT(S)- refers to all of our reports sold, temporary webpage/email, job listings for our Job Locating Services and on our website, Database, Listings, ebooks, Courses

ACTION(S)- copying, selling, transferring, advertising, making available, distributing any service(s), product(s), data, or listings to any entity or person.

USERS- refers to all visitors to the website, temporary clients, etc.

CLIENT(S)- refers to all Clients and Employer Clients utilizing our Job Locating, Staffing, and all other virtual/office administrative services.



The Service is on a “AS-IS” basis (with an exception of the guarantee of quality service for office administrative services relating to desktop publishing, data entry, word processing, direct mailing, eCSR).  Although background checks and other research can be or are performed on the Listings, Software/Data, Products, we make no guarantees of the verity or completeness, accuracy or availability of the Listings, Data, Software, and/or Products.

Company does not warrant (Express or Implied) or guarantee the accuracy or value of the Services or advice that may be received by the Customer from such persons.  The act of accessing the Services of Company through the internet/by mail will evidence your agreement that you will not hold the Company, Services, any of its agents, or information providers liable in any way for any Consequential, Incidental or Special damages or for loss of any kind that you may suffer as a result of your reliance on information that you receive through the internet or mail from the Company or Services or from a third party referred by the Company.  Of course you may enter into a direct relationship with any of the third parties referred by the Company or Services and you may access that person’s or company’s information, services and advice outside of the Company’s services on the internet or by mail.  Under such circumstances, this waiver of liability will not apply, and the liability of the parties to any such advice, consultation, services or provision of services to each other will be as agreed among by such parties or as provided by applicable laws.



If any client engages in any action(s) that is a violation of this Policy, or if we reasonably anticipate such a violation, we reserve the right, at our option, to suspend or terminate use of or access to the Services, Data, Products, Listings, and Software without notice, unless otherwise stated in a contract.  The key contributing factors affect our actions taken on Policy violations include, but are not limited to, protection of our customers and our resources, provision of quality service for our customers, compliance with applicable law, and the protection of our reputation as a service provider.



In the event that an account is suspended or terminated as a result of any activities in violation of this Policy, the account may be subject to set-up fees, reactivation charges, deposit requirements and/or other restrictions to be determined by us if such account is permitted to be re-established.



Your use of the Services is also subject to other applicable agreements, including, without limitation, the Services Agreement.  Each customer may only use those Services, Data, Products, and Listings, which have been authorized for the customer’s use.  If access is password protected, customers are not to make this password available for others to use or use the password of others to gain access to such areas.  Account sharing is strictly prohibited. Accounts which such activities to be in violation of this condition, may be terminated without notice.

Client agrees to notify Company of all completed transactions (employment given, client matched to Business Client) which originates as a result from the use of the Services.  Notifications may be sent via email to:testimonials@blessed2behome.org.


For Clients utilizing Company’s Job Location/ Staffing Service:

Employer Clients are required to document that you meet the requirements for hiring telecommuters and offering legitimate positions to our Clients.  Employer Clients are also required to pass an extensive background check and provide any and all information on Employer Client’s background and positions available.

Participation is subject to approval and may be revoked at any time for unlawful or unprofessional actions including the submission of inaccurate or fraudulent information. Inability of Company to validate representations made by a Client during registration application, or during due diligence by any Client, may result in suspension of the participation and/or contract. Company reserves the right to notify other Clients of such suspension in order to protect the financial and legal interests of all participating Clients.

Clients and any users of this service agree that all posted listing and contact information is provided for the individual and personal use of registered clients of BLESSED 2 BE HOME; and, that BLESSED 2 BE HOME retains all rights, title and interests, including copyright and other proprietary rights, in the Service and all material, including but not limited to text, images, and other multimedia data.

Clients and any users of this service agree that it will not copy nor license, sell, transfer, make available or otherwise distribute the Data, Software, Listings, Products or Content to any entity or person. Any Client or User shall use its best efforts to stop any unauthorized copying or distribution immediately after such unauthorized use becomes known. BLESSED 2 BE HOME reserves the right to end the contract and access of any Client who violates these terms and no refunds of enrollment fees will be made.

The Service is provided on an “AS IS” basis with an exception of the 100% refund on enrollment fee if Company fails to locate any available positions within the 2 career fields chosen by the Client utilizing the Job Locating service. However, BLESSED 2 BE HOME makes limited effort to verify the information provided; and, makes no warranties regarding the completeness, accuracy or availability of the Service or Content.

In no event shall BLESSED 2 BE HOME or its information providers be liable to Clients or User or any other person or entity for any direct, indirect, special, exemplary or consequential damages, including lost profits or lost employment, based on breach of warranty, contract, negligence, strict liability or otherwise, arising under this Agreement or any performance under this Agreement, whether or not they or it had any knowledge, actual or constructive, that such damages might be incurred.

Clients and Users shall indemnify and hold harmless BLESSED 2 BE HOME and its information providers against any claim, damages, loss, liability or expense arising out of User’s use of the Service or Content in any way contrary to this Agreement.

Through participation in Job Locating/ Staffing service, Company provides immediate access to valuable and proprietary databases, contact information, and both direct and indirect introduction to other Clients for an agreed period of time.  Company will accept a termination of service and participation by correspondence from the participant as outlined in contract and removal of previously submitted content under control of the Client. Company does not agree to refund any payments or fees made for participation, set-up charges, or service after job listings and username and password have been provided to the Client which provides Authorized access to the service.

Retrieval or Submission of content to Company or payment for service to Company; or use of the service for any utility or information purpose whatever; are deemed to be Acceptance and Agreement to the Terms and Condition presented here.



Client acknowledges that from time to time Company may make available downloadable files for the purpose of convenient access to information.  Often these files may be provided by another Company or party.  Downloadable files can contain viruses that are embedded without the knowledge of the Company and Client.  These files can damage the Client’s computer.  Client also acknowledges that a malicious person may intentionally load a virus infected file and offer it to other Clients.  Client agrees to download files at your own risk and to hold Company harmless of any and all consequential damages that may occur as a result of a corrupt or viral infected downloaded file.  Company advises that Client should test all downloaded files before opening them.



Under no circumstances is the Company obligated to provide a hard copy the Data or Software, upgrades, enhancements or modifications.  Phone support and other support may be provided to Customers who are authorized to receive such support and/or is a provision outlined in a contract between Customer and Company.



Unpublished-rights reserved under copyright laws of the United States.  Blessed 2 Be Home, 3506 Hermitage Road Unit A, Richmond, VA 23227.

Jobseeker Program is the trademark of Blessed 2 Be Home (B2BH).


Last Updated 08/2015

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