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Virtual Staffing

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Welcome Potential Client!

So, you have a need for additional staffing?  And you are preferring to save overhead cost by hiring a virtual employee?  If that is true, you’ve found the right place!  We have over 12 experienced professionals who are currently utilizing our job location service.  These professionals are waiting to hear from you!  You may take a look at some of our clients that are available.

Our Current Clients

In order to get their contact information, you will have to utilize our staffing service.  You must first fill out our business client online application.  After you fill out our online application form, you will be contacted via email once your application is approved.  We take the confidentiality of our jobseeker clients and business clients very strictly.  We do not disclose information unless permission is given.  In addition, we perform thorough background checks on both our jobseeker clients and business clients.  In order to become a business client, your application must be approved and you must pass our background check.

Thank you so much for your interest in our staffing service and our current jobseeker clients.  We truly hope that we will assist you with your staffing needs.

Take Care & God Bless,

Blessed 2 Be Home Staffing Dept.

Benefits of Our Staffing Services

  • No more long searches for employees.
  • No more expensive advertisements.
  • No more work load burdens
  • No FEES!*

That’s right! We said NO FEES.*  There is absolutely no fee to use our staffing services just as long as you meet the requirements to utilize this service AND you specifically hire telecommuters/virtual assistants/at-home professionals.

*No Fees are only for companies that hire telecommuters, virtual assistants, at-home professionals, or virtual independent contractors.  If your company needs assistance with finding employees to work on site, then you must read our RATES page to see what the prices are for this service.


Requirements to be a Client

Before you can fill out our application to become a client, you must meet the following criteria:

1.  Your company must be offering a legitimate job.  This means absolutely NO business opportunities, mlms, stuffing mail positions, or any opportunities alike.

2.  There must be NO required fees such as application fees, start up fees, training fees.

3.  There must be NO positions requiring bank transfers or packaging.

4.  There must be NO paid survey or affiliate positions.

5.  You may not provide any anonymous company names or representatives.  This information should be provided at all times.

6. Your company must either be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), listed with Dun & Bradstreet or other applicable/governing organizations and/or your company doesn’t have a bad report with the BBB, Dun & Bradstreet, or any other agency.  If you’re not a registered member or don’t have accreditation, you must provide an explanation for the reason why your company is not.

7. Your company must pass our background check.

8. Your company must agree to provide Blessed 2 Be Home with all necessary information regarding the position(s) being offered by your company.


Become Our Client Today!

Are you ready to cut down your overhead cost?  Are you ready to relieve your work load burdens?

If so, follow the link below to utilize our staffing service.  Then you will be able to find the perfect virtual employee for your company!

Online Application

We look forward to assisting your company with finding the perfect telecommuter for your business needs!


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