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Description of Service

Do you have a consistent need for our services?  If so, we can help!

We offer our services on a set hourly basis.  We will provide our desktop publishing, direct mailing, word processing, data entry, and email/chat CSR for a set hourly basis.  There is a minimum total hours per month that is required in order to use this service.  However, any unused hours we we roll over to the next month.  (Our staffing and job locating services are not included in the retainer service)

Retainer Contract

In order to provide our services to you on a consistent basis, both Blessed 2 Be Home and your company will have to sign a contract outlining all the provisions of the services.  Please contact us to get more information.

Ready to hire us?

Are you ready to hire us?  You may reserve our services here.  Please note that there is a $75 one-time reservation fee.  You will then be automatically charged every two weeks for the agreed amount.  If there are non-sufficient funds, you will be charged an additional $60.00.

Retainer Pricing

$300per 2 weeks
  • one-time $75 Reservation Fee

  • 40 hours of service

$450per 2 weeks
  • one-time $75 Reservation Fee

  • 60 hours of service

$600per 2 weeks
  • one-time $75 Reservation Fee

  • 80 hours of service

$900per 2 weeks
  • one-time $75 Reservation Fee

  • 120 hours of service


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